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Dropping everything for your friends? Never making time for yourself? Pride yourself in always saying yes? Wonder why you are always so busy? Being friends with people because WWJD? Growing up and throughout my 20s, I attended conservative, evangelical churches (Think HTB, guitars for worship and altar calls!). At the time, I think I would…

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About me

When I attend London Pride, I am always struck by how powerful the parade is. The section of the parade that I am always most affected by is the many faith groups who attend. From my experience, Christianity and other religions are one of the last places in our society in the UK, to end homophobia and discrimination for those in the LGBTQ community.

When I came out as a lesbian, later in life, the biggest challenge was wrestling with my Christian faith and my sexuality. As a result, this blog was born. I am writing it in the hope that it gives some representation and encourages people to fight for freedom to be themselves.

Rachel xx

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